Bandung Travel 2022

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Bandung Travel 2022

Bandung is one of the urban communities that is reasonable as an objective or vacationer location. There are such countless decisions of fascinating vacation spots with regards to Bandung that the entire family can appreciate. Bandung’s different vacation destinations can give an assortment of elective the travel industry choices; going from nature the travel industry to shopping the travel industry.


The Great Asia Afrika Bandung


One of Bandung vacationer location with an unfamiliar subject is The Great Asia Afrika which gives a ton of instructive and educative substance. This ride is partitioned into a few topics in view of the way of life of a few nations like Indonesia, Korea, Japan, India and Africa. One more fascination presented by The Great Asia Afrika is the chance to partake in different culinary fortes from every country.

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Museum Gedung Sate


One of the instructive vacationer locations that can be visited in Bandung is the Gedung Sate Museum. This historical center can be one of the decisions of vacation spots in Bandung which is reasonable to be chatted with families who welcome youngsters. Guests can attempt the intelligent Augmented Reality establishment experience of Gedung Sate development and see Gedung Sate from the air utilizing Virtual Reality or VR rides.

Kampung Korea


Kampung Korea which is one of the vacation destinations in Bandung like abroad that you can attempt. The vibe of South Korea, particularly the city of Seoul, can be felt thanks to the exceptionally Korean design and natural feel. There are a few exercises that should be possible while visiting Little Seoul like difficult South Korean culinary claims to fame or attempting to take pictures with oppa and eonni-style gain up as experiences.

Chinatown Bandung


This spot can be supposed to be a smaller than normal of China in light of the fact that the climate and design are basically the same as the towns in the Bamboo Curtain Country. This spot can be an objective for those of you who like photographs with special foundations as Instagram content filler. Notwithstanding photographs, there are different culinary pleasures that can be appreciated while visiting Bandung’s Chinatown. The culinary menu that you can find in this spot isn’t restricted to the Chinese food menu, yet there are additionally extraordinary food sources from the city of Bandung.

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